How much sleep do you and your baby need? Your baby may be getting enough, but are you?

Are you and your baby getting enough sleep? Whilst everyone is different, researchers advise that adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per night and children require more than this and the exact amount depends on the age of the child. How much sleep does the average adult need? Whilst their children and babies may be […]

Vaccinations: The myths and misconceptions

“Vaccination had greatly reduced the burden of infectious diseases, disability, death and inequity worldwide” (WHO) The importance of vaccinations Vaccinations have contributed greatly to global health over the years. Two major infections, rinderpest and smallpox have been eradicated with polio almost abolished. There has been great success in controlling measles making it a potential for […]

Fit Families

Fit FamiliesWith parenthood comes huge responsibility. The sleepless nights, the hectic morning routines, the multitasking, balancing the toddler on one hip and baby on the other, the erratic eating patterns and let’s not forget the ongoing daily struggle of trying to avoid serious injury and keep your little ones safe! With huge responsibility comes huge […]