Ramadan for 2022 has been confirmed by The Emirates Astronomy Society to start on Saturday 2nd April. Ramadan is expected to last for 30 days however the end date will be confirmed towards the end of Ramadan. 

Ramadan is a time in Islam for Muslims to reflect and focus on spirituality and togetherness. During this time we see those involved taking the time for self-improvement and helping those around them. We can also see some improvements in health during this time. 

Living within the UAE there are many principles of Ramadan we can be a part of to encourage those involved and those who are not. Taking a focus on wellness we will run through 4 ways you can improve office wellness during this time.

1. Giving Back


Ramadan Giving Back

During this time you may identify certain individuals who are struggling. Within your company, you can organize a food drive or any items such as clothing and toys. This can then be dropped off at a shelter as a group with those involved. Giving in this way not only helps others but for the individuals participating it can help with their own mental health and focus to continue to promote kindness within their day to day lives.

2. Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Working hours are reduced during the Ramadan period. However, those participating will be fasting from sunrise to sunset. During this time Muslims may experience low energy levels, difficulty in the set hours, and result in a decrease in productivity and performance. Having conversations within your workplace with those participating and their managers about being flexible and what hours would be most suitable and finding a balance between what is required may result in happier employees and an increase in productivity.

3. Team Bonding

Team Bonding

What better way to get your staff to connect than by organizing an iftar. Depending on your company, this could be organized at a restaurant, within your company, or virtually if you are still working from home. During the pandemic, we have missed out on general conversations between staff that help to create your and build on your culture. This is a great way for the company to give back to the staff and create an opportunity for staff to connect. 

4. Be sensitive to the culture


Be sensitive to the culture

In the lead-up to Ramadan, specific measures should be put in place within the workplace and communicated to staff. This would include updating staff on working hours, expectations around consuming food and drinks. There should be isolated areas for staff who are not participating to consume their food and drinks within. During this period within teams avoid booking late afternoon and evening meetings, focus on morning meetings.

There are many ways we can all reflect on ourselves and be aware of our actions and impact on others. If you are not participating in Ramadan you can use this time to focus on being kinder and helping those around you to be a part of the spirit of Ramadan. 

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