Your one-stop checklist for emergency contact numbers in Dubai

emergency numbers Dubai


Please click here to download the latest guide of emergency numbers in Dubai. Download and print out a copy for your office or home and always be prepared.

Response times can vary from one emergency to the next

Dubai Ambulance Services are working hard to reduce response times however the average response time is still eight minutes. The reduction in response time is part of Dubai’s vision and target for 2020.

Your hands could save a life

Did you know that with the right skills, you could perform vital first aid that could potentially save a life – all while waiting for help to arrive?

It is so important to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before taking action.

First aid training from Safe Hands

Safe Hands offer pediatric and adult first aid training courses for individuals and groups from 420AED. That’s such a small price to pay when it could one day, when you least expect it, save a life.

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