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We have curated a range of wellness strategies that can be implemented over a 6 to 12-month period to cater to our clients’ needs.

*Items that are greyed out are not part of the package.

*The price may differ based on the number of participants.

*The cost stated above is on a per person per month basis.

Additional Services:

Biometric Health Screening

Your corporate wellness objectives are just that – Your wellness objectives.


  • Prevention – Through our health screenings and wellness
    checks we aim to detect health conditions before they reach
    a critical stage.
  • Management – After establishing areas for improvement or
    existing conditions we ensure that your employees have
    access to the support needed to manage or improve their
  • Education – We have access to leading experts to impart
    knowledge in key areas of health and wellbeing. Providing
    employees with the information they need to make
    sustainable decisions and change.
  • Engagement – As much as we’re super passionate about
    what we do- we want your employees to be too. We promote
    engagement through relevant promotions and incentives.

Cost per year of absenteeism per employee

Age in UAE of Cardiovascular Disease threshold

% of UAE population that are diabetic

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On average every $1 spent on employee wellness has a return of $3.27.

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