Fit Families

Fit Families
With parenthood comes huge responsibility. The sleepless nights, the hectic morning routines, the multitasking, balancing the toddler on one hip and baby on the other, the erratic eating patterns and let’s not forget the ongoing daily struggle of trying to avoid serious injury and keep your little ones safe!

With huge responsibility comes huge stress – both mental and physical. At Safe Hands we get this. You love and care about your children so much that often, your own health can become neglected. Seriously, who has the time to go get their health screened between school runs and grocery shopping?!

So just how is this balancing act of life affecting health?

The allusive time as a parent during which your eyes close and your brain switches off. Sleep plays a vital role in health. Lack of sleep can impact the levels of certain hormones in your body linked to appetite and cell repair. Ongoing and chronic sleep deprivation has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Being a parent brings the kind of stress that comes with having food thrown in your hair, never having a fully tidy house (no matter how hard you try) and being screamed at during a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. Being without it would mean being without them – and you wouldn’t want that, but you do need to be aware of your limits. Stress is linked to a number of physical and mental health issues including headaches, increased blood pressure, muscle tension, fatigue as well as anxiety and depression to name just a few. It’s ok not to feel ok at times, recognising this and getting the help needed is crucial.

Irregular Eating Patterns
Trying to eat the right things at the right times becomes just a tad more difficult when you have other mouths to feed. Sometimes the scraps of the children’s left over dinner is enough right? However, irregular eating patterns have the potential to affect our internal body clock – affecting appetite, digestion, the metabolism of fat, cholesterol levels, and glucose levels. The pressure is real when it comes to making sure children don’t go hungry and eat their 5 a day… you’re important too!

At Safe Hands we understand that life gets in the way and that getting that health check-up doesn’t always reach the top of the to do list. This is why our nurses created the Healthy Households campaign.

What is Fit Families?
Our UK qualified nurses conduct a free health screening service, covering your CORE FOUR measurements;  Blood Pressure & Heart Rate, Blood Glucose, Height and Weight. To make this as convenient as possible, we work with childcare establishments across the UAE and schedule the screening during drop off and pick up times.

This information we gather is then compiled into a confidential, comprehensive report that is sent to parents individually highlighting any anomalies. This report provides an in-depth understanding of each reading and any risk factors, with the guidance of how to improve each measurement. You will also receive an overall health score based on the results and an open line of communication with one of our nurses to receive any advice.

Basic health screening can identify and prevent problems before they progress to long term health issues. Early assessment of certain medical conditions ensures better treatment, wellbeing, and quality of life. Certain conditions like high blood pressure and high blood sugar can often be left undetected until an advanced stage. A general health check uncovers such anomalies allowing you to seek further medical advice. A solution to combat rising health issues. A healthy parent is a crucial component of a healthy home!

If you’re interested in booking a free screening at your child’s school contact us at info@safehandsuae or call us on +971 4 567 4500 for more information.

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