Corporate Wellness
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Our corporate wellness strategy aims to ultimately increase health and wellbeing amongst employees whilst keeping insurance premiums and claims as low as possible.

Corporate Wellness

Your corporate wellness objectives are just that – Your wellness objectives.


  • Prevention – Through our health screenings and wellness
    checks we aim to detect health conditions before they reach
    a critical stage.
  • Management – After establishing areas for improvement or
    existing conditions we ensure that your employees have
    access to the support needed to manage or improve their
  • Education – We have access to leading experts to impart
    knowledge in key areas of health and wellbeing. Providing
    employees with the information they need to make
    sustainable decisions and change.
  • Engagement – As much as we’re super passionate about
    what we do- we want your employees to be too. We promote
    engagement through relevant promotions and incentives.

Cost per year of absenteeism per employee

Age in UAE of Cardiovascular Disease threshold

% of UAE population that are diabetic

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On average every $1 spent on employee wellness has a return of $3.27.

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How does wellness work?

Using the mentioned approach we will look at the 3
Key Pillars of Corportae Wellness throughout your strategy:


General Health

What we do:

1) STEP 1: Pre-assessment questions

2) STEP 2: Health Screening

3) STEP 3: Review meeting

4) STEP 4: Workshops


Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Reducing stress in the workplace:

1) Workshops 

2) Stress reduction activities

3) Feedback sessions


Improving employee lifestyle:

1) Awareness sessions 

2) Employees fitness

3) Corporate Ergonomics Analysis


Health Reports without the Health Costs.

Our approach to corporate wellness is all about prevention – we want to stop a serious health condition before it arises. Saving the company the cost of increased insurance premiums, whilst also making positive changes in the employees lifestyle.

Safe Hands Health Screenings measure a wide variety of key health indicators – including BMI, glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rates, cholesterol levels, and oxygen saturation levels.

Ultimately giving you an overall health score which is presented to employees in individual health reports and an overall corporate analysis report is provided to HR.


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