You may have noticed men in your office sporting identical ‘staches during this time of the year and wondered why? One would be surprised to know it is for a more meaningful reason. What is all the fuss about growing facial hair for a particular month?

During November, men around the world follow the ‘No Shave November’ rule. This is their way of getting global attention to convey the real situation of men’s health.


What is the Movember Movement?

What is the Movember Movement

Friends Travis Garone and Luke Slattery started the movement in 2003. They decided to grow moustaches inspired by their friend’s mother who at that time, was raising funds for breast cancer. However, they wanted to associate it with the men’s health crisis instead. They rounded up all their male friends to take part in the challenge and contribute $10 each to support men’s health and prostate cancer awareness.

Since then, thousands of projects in relation to mental health, prostate, and testicular cancer have been funded. According to studies, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men.

 The truth is men are dying too young and die on average 5 years earlier than women. The main goal of the Movember Movement is to help spread awareness and help men live healthier and longer lives not only by raising funds but also by having fun while doing an act of charity. Often, men are reluctant to ask for help and get the necessary treatment that they need. Therefore, the stigma should be tackled by creating a safe space and educating people.

How Can You Promote Movember Awareness in Your Company?

[3-min read] How Can You Promote Movember Awareness in Your Company?

At some point in our lives, we’ve met or know someone – a friend of a friend, someone’s father or a television actor affected by these crises. You may ask yourself, what are the ways that you can help? Start with the group of people you speak to every day – your colleagues!

Grow a Mo to Raise Funds

Begin the month with a clean-shaven face and grow a moustache all through the month of November. No cheating – no beard, no goatee or fake moustaches allowed! Talk to friends and colleagues who have noticed the ‘staches to help educate and raise funds at the same time. 

Mo-ve It!

Physical activity is beneficial both for our physical and mental health. Send an email blast and invite colleagues to walk or run with you. You may suggest for your company donate an amount of money to a registered charity for every employee who will successfully complete the challenge.

Host or Plan an Event to Raise Awareness

Plan a Men’s Day or Blue Day in the office. As we all know, educating people through social media and virtual events are two of the most effective ways of spreading the word about what’s really happening around the globe. By conducting and or joining Webinars, we can raise awareness and learn more about the signs and symptoms of the health conditions men face, as well as how to prevent them.

Another way of doing this is by hosting an event at your house, planning a little party that includes games that would help raise awareness or just simply spending the time to talk to one another about the Movement and how everyone can disseminate information.

Login and register to to tell everyone that you are joining the mo-vement and that you stand with all the men around the world. Every amount raised will help save and improve their lives.

Lastly, doing these activities are vital but most importantly, we should not be forgetting to check in on friends, brothers, and fathers. After all, this is what Movember Movement is all about!

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