Office Workouts doesn’t require special equipment or take a significant time out of our day. They can be put into practice with simple exercises.

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk, getting uncomfortable, and struggling to concentrate for long periods of time? Have you ever considered breaking up your workday with some office exercises?

Breaking up your day with some simple exercises can help you improve your productivity and performance within your workplace. Other benefits include reducing stress, better memory, increased energy, and improved brainpower. 

Try these 10 exercises and let us know how your day has improved!

1. Chair Squats

Stand up and position yourself in front of your chair, feet positioned in line with your shoulders. Squat down as though you were going to sit back onto your chair but don’t touch your seat and stand back up. Continue to perform 20 squats.

Chair Squats

2. Lunges

Step beside your desk or somewhere with a bit more room. From a standing position step your right leg forward and bend both legs lowering your body. Alternate with your left leg forward and continue to complete 10 lunges on each leg. 

3. Tricep dips

Using a stationary chair move your body towards the front of the chair placing your hands on the edge of the chair facing forward. Your palms should be flat on the chair, you will now bend your elbows lowering your whole body and straighten bringing you back to the starting position. Try to keep your back as close as you can to the chair during the movement. 

Complete 20 tricep dips.

Tricep dips
Calf raises

4. Calf raises

Stand up near your desk should you require assistance to balance. Keeping pressure on the front part of your foot elevates your heels and continues to raise and lower both your left and right foot simultaneously. Complete 20 times.

5. Arm circles 

Stand away from your desk with your arms elevated shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms extended straight out to the height of your shoulders. Begin to move both your arms simultaneously forwards in small circles then backward. Complete 20 circles in each direction.

Arm circles
Wall sit

6. Wall sit

Position your body in a sat position leaning against a wall. Make sure your knees are at the same level as your hips at a 90 degree angle. Hold the position for 20 seconds then stand up. Complete 20 repetitions.

7. Desk push-ups

Safety first makes sure the desk you are using is sturdy to support your weight. Place your hands flat on the desk then take a few steps backward. Move your hands to be at shoulder width and start to lower your body keeping your core tight and back straight. Continue to complete 20 repetitions. 

Desk push ups
Oblique twists

8. Oblique twists 

You will require a swivel chair for this workout. We will be using the movement of the chair to our advantage to target your obliques. Sit upright in your chair, place the palms of your hands shoulder-width apart holding your desk and elevate your feet hovering them over the floor. Holding the desk move your body side to side, engaging your core. Continue to complete 20 oblique twists.

9. Arm pulses

The aim of this workout is to stretch out your shoulder blades and work on your triceps. Stand up by the side of your desk where you have some room with your arms by your side. Stretch your palms out and face them towards the back. Keeping your arms straight in a back and forth motion push your arms back as far as you can then back to the starting position by your side. Pulse backward and hold for 20 seconds, complete 5 times.

Arm pulses
Office Jump rope

10. Office Jump rope 

No equipment is necessary, simply stand by the side of your desk. Jump as if you were skipping with a rope, you can alternate jumping on each foot. If you wish to increase the workout add the movement of your hands in a circling motion whilst jumping. Continue this for 5 minutes.

We recommend you get some of your colleagues involved if you are working from the office. If working from home you can video call some colleagues and get them involved! Safe Hands run many fitness-related activities within our wellness programs which help your staff keep staff motivated! 

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