What is a Wellness consultant?

A Wellness consultant is an external individual who can make an assessment of the current holistic health of your workforce. They can make an assessment based on objective health measurements and objective measurements where staff provide feedback on how they rate their health. Wellness consultants will vary from company to company. At Safe Hands, all our wellness consultants are registered nurses and have a passion for health and assisting individuals and companies to improve their health.

Identify Wellness requirements

An assessment can be conducted through a health survey and health screening. The health survey will give an insight of all aspects of an individual’s health; general health, physical health, mental health, diet and nutrition. The survey allows individuals within the company to reflect on their current health and provide feedback on how they view their health. The health screening will assess each individual’s basic health measurements; height, weight, BMI, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol levels. Both analysis phases provide company reports with in depth analysis from your wellness consultant to assess key areas to focus your wellness strategy on. They can also assess areas such as your insurance claims to identify any key trends of health issues occurring with your staff.

Identify Wellness requirements
Plan relevant programs

Plan relevant programs

Once the analysis phase has been conducted and reviewed staff all receive their own tangible results which will help motivate them to participate in certain wellness events. The analysis is complete in order to identify the areas of health that you need to focus on and areas that your staff wants to focus on. This will enable your wellness consultant to recommend wellness activities based upon data from your staff to make topics bespoke and relevant. If the topics covered are relevant to your staff this will increase the success of any planned events.

Utilise experienced Health professionals

Your wellness consultant should have a database of trusted health specialists under each category of wellness. This may consist of nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers, Doctors and health psychologists. This will allow ease with scheduling education sessions based on your requirements and suitability to your staff demographic. They will have experience in conducting education sessions to groups virtually and in person.

Utilize experienced Health professionals
Analyze success of programs

Analyse success of programs

How do you know your program has been successful? It is important to have specific metrics in place prior to a challenge that you are aiming for. Feedback tools should also be used to allow staff to have a forum to anonymously provide feedback on areas they believed to work well and areas for improvement from a user perspective. It is important for staff to also provide feedback on areas they would like to focus on and health areas that are of their concern. 

Execute strategies

Once your consultant has identified areas that your company requires to focus on they can assist in actioning out the activities. This may include planning educational sessions with experts, challenges, campaigns or outdoor sports activities, the possibilities are endless. All these things take time to execute and having someone who has a platform and a team to utilize can increase the ease and success of your wellness objectives.

Execute strategies

Safe Hands offer both long-term strategies for clients but also bespoke packages and assessments depending on your requirements. Our wellness specialists all have various backgrounds in health care. If you were to utilize us for a full 12-month strategy you would have access to a wellness manager to support your staff with any health concerns! Get in touch today to see how our specialist team at Safe Hands can help you!

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